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How do I find out if my booking has gone through? Follow

1. Domestic flights booking:
If your booking is with the travel provider with "Protect" logo, they will send SMS to your indicated phone number after the booking. If you have not received the confirmation message, please go to the "My Bookings" at the top right of Tianxun (Skyscanner China) page to check the booking status.

2. International flights booking:
If you find the suitable flights on Tianxun (Skyscanner China) and book directly with airline or travel agent, they will send email to your indicated contact details. If you have not recieved the confirmation message, we recommend checking your spam, trash or 'all emails' folder, as sometimes emails can get redirected by your email client. If you still can't find the booking confirmation, please contact the airline or travel agent you booked with; they will have your details if your booking has gone through - Tianxun (Skyscanner China) does not hold any details of your booking. If you can't remember who you booked with, you can check your credit card statement for a company name. If you don't have any confirmation and no charge has been added to your card, your booking is likely not to have gone through.

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