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Why do I need to register as a member of Tianxun (Skyscanner China)? Follow

Logging into Tianxun Account (Skyscanner China) allows you to view the information you have booked through the "Tianxun Direct Booking" providers - you can check your booking status, submit change or cancellation request. At the same time, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

1. You only need to input the passenger information once, and no need to repeat the input process in future bookings.
2. Set up price alerts to get the free price change updates.
3. Tied up your account using the social login, such as Sina, Tencent QQ, WeChat.
4. Subscribe to the travel features & news mailing, and you will be notified first when there are website activities or promotions.

To register for an Account, visit the log-in page on the website or apps, and register with your email address, cell phone, Wechat, Sina or QQ accounts.

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